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History of One In Spirit Group     

The One In Spirit (OIS) has a long history in Havasu. Many Enlightened Leaders and Lightworkers have blessed the group and continue to inspire us all.  The stated OIS  mission has been to support a gathering of like minded seekers and teachers who explore pathways to mind, body and spirit resources.  All of us share ownership in this group.  OIS does not endorse each program/event,  seek to force ideas and beliefs on others, or  judge others for theirs.  OIS provides a networking forum for you to learn about  what  is available in Lake Havasu City.  Use your own discretion and good judgment when choosing teachers and classes to further your own personal development.  We are all on our own path and no two people have the same path or route to take.  Choose a match for your needs based on your highest and best good.

One In Spirit Connection  was created to provide a forum for networking for like minded spiritual souls &  for those in alternative healing. OIS Connection created a group of resources for  your use;

1.   Facebook presence   (One in spirit connection lhc  )  with a calendar of events in the community with a personal enrichment theme,  and to support local businesses and organizations that share the goals of OIS.   Please "LIKE" us on Facebook.   Once you have liked us, you can post your events on this Facebook page for all to see.  Please keep posts brief and to the point and this is for all Like-Minded folks and events within the Lake Havasu Community.  This way, once you have liked us, you will be able to see all that is happening in our spiritual community.

2,  A   Website " www.oneinspirit.info"  to showcase major events, programs and opportunities  that may be free, fee based or donation based.  The listings here may include classes, speakers, book signings, mind-body exercise classes, musical events, etc.  Multiple facilitators will manage the site and update the listing as needed. Contact Renee Good at reneecgood@gmail.com for information about  this web site.  928- 453-5734 in Lake Havasu
3.  An email distribution list for those who would like to be included in notifications of activities, events and announcement.  Contact Jeanne Cavanaugh by email at havasugroups@gmail.com  to be added to the distribution list

Mind Body Spirit Fair-  watch for next Fair in 2019
We need volunteers to help manage the details of this fair.  We need 4-5 folks willing to organize, manage and coordinate the Fair.  Please contact Renee Good-  928453-5734  reneecgood@gmail.com  if you are willing to volunteer.  

see special event page for details and flyers-  Come see what the alternatives are!!!

Contact Renee Good at reneecgood@gmail.com for information about  this web site.  928  453-5734 in Lake Havasu

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