Laughter Yoga - what is it and how does it help!!!

Laughter Yoga was started by Madan Kalaria in 1995.  It combines gentle yoga breathing, stretching and simulated unconditional laughter.  When the laughter is practiced in a group setting, the laughter soon becomes genuine.   Through the restoration of laughter you may regain happiness all too easily repressed in our serious, sober, speedy modern world. There are more than 400 laughter clubs in the US and over 6000 worldwide.

Health Benefits:
    *  good for your cardiovascular system
    * May reduce blood pressure

Stress Relief
    * reduce anxiety
    * create a positive attitude

Laughter Yoga is an aerobic activity
    * releases endorphins- creates a sense of well being
    * 15 min of laughter same affect  as 30min of exercise 

Laughter Exercises:

Clap your hands in front of your heart
        Focus your attention on the stomach and laugh "Ho Ho"
        Focus on your chest and laugh "Ha, Ha"
        Change your attention constantly between your stomach and chest and shout  Ho, HO  Ha Ha, Ho Ho

More exercises can be found at  or

Barbara Wasielewski will demonstrate Laugh Yoga at the June 29 Fair at the library.

Come and laugh with us!!!