Orbs- what are they and pictures

ORBS- With the introduction of the digital camera people started to see  what they were told were smudges or dust images on their pictures.  Further examination revealed a structure inside those smudges/dust particles.  Many have different explanations for these- here are some thoughts;

From Tom Moore( SERI-Worldwide) Understanding Orbs
"Orbs are spirits in many different forms. They are energy with consciousness.  Their energy is just above the human eye spectrum, which is why they normally can only be seen in photographs.  Few humans have the ability to see them with their naked eye.  They cannot be touched- your hand goes right through them."

Photos from Full Moon drumming at Sara Park in May 2013

Below you will see two photos from the 2012 balloon festival, taken by Renee Good ( disregard date shown on photo)
Orbs love fun events and show up well  in night photos